Setup Tips - Intel Fortran Compiler (Trial Edition)

The following tips may be used to help with setting up a trial for Intel(R) Fortran Composer (IVF):

a. Review the tips in Step 1 of this article.

b. Microsoft(R) Visual Studio (VS) software is prerequisite when using IVF. This software must be installed before IVF, to ensure "integration" between the two software.

c. A Visual Studio trial may be obtained as follows:

  • For an earlier version.

    i. To obtain earlier versions, it is required to first join their free Dev Essentials program.
    ii. If installing Visual Studio 2015, 2017 or 2019, you will be prompted to select the items to install, please use the following information:

Version of Visual Studio                     Required Items to Select


VS 2015:                             

         VS 2015 Installation.png (122 KB)

VS 2017:

Visual Studio 2017 Installation - Selections.png (230 KB)

VS 2019:

Visual Studio 2019 Installation - Selections.png (255 KB)

d. For a Trial of Intel 19.1 or Older:

- Contact the MHI support desk ( for a download.

- Download, unzip and launch the installer.

- When prompted to select the activation, select "Evaluate...".

Intel 15 - Evaluate option.png (707 KB)

- Select the option to "customize" the installation:

Intel 15 - Customize Option.png (247 KB)

- When prompted to select the items to install, select the 32-bit and 64-bit editions" as shown in the image below:
Intel 15 - Products to install.png (43 KB)

- When prompted to select Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, ensure that the version installed in Step c. above is selected.

e. For a Trial of Intel 19.2 (oneAPI):

Download the "Base Toolkit" and "High Performance Computing kit" from this webpage. Unzip the two files, and save them locally on your machine (e.g. desktop):
      Intel 19.2 - Downloads.png (14 KB)

- Launch the Base Kit installer first, and when prompted, ensure to select the one item as shown below for installation:
        Intel 19.2 - Installation - Base Kit Selections1.png (376 KB)

- Launch the HPC toolkit installer second, elect the option to "customize" the installation, and when prompted, ensure to select the one item as shown below:

Intel 19.2 - Installation - HPC Kit Selections.png (932 KB)

g. After installing Visual Studio and Intel Fortran compiler (any versions), log out then log back in on your machine or network to apply the changes.

h. Configure PSCAD EMTDC files appropriately as per the information in this article.
This will allow PSCAD to use either Visual Studio 2013 and older, or Visual Studio 2015 and newer.

i. Configure PSCAD to be able to use newer versions of Intel Fortran compiler as per this article.

j. Try testing your setup as per this article. If there are no errors in your Build pane, then your setup is good, and ready for your own projects. Refer to the troubleshooting suggestions in this article if there are any build errors.

If you are new to PSCAD, a listing of resources is available in this topic.