Version Comparison

PSCAD Versions and Features Comparison Chart

Features X4 (4.5) X4 (4.6) V5
Global Substitutions
Line Constants Detailed Output Viewer
Navigation History Buttons
Multiple Instance Modules/EMTDC™ Runtime Configuration
Transmission Segment Mutual Coupling
Transmission Segment DC Correction Algorithm
PI Section Auto-Creation
Multiple Workspaces  ✓
Blackbox Modules  ✓
Simulations Sets / Multiple EMTDC™  ✓
64-Bit Option  ✓
Transmission Segments Solved in Parallel  ✓
Photovoltaic (PV) Source Model  ✓
Multi-Dimensional CSMF Components  ✓
Aerial Transmission Cables  ✓
Transmission Segment Passivity Checking  ✓
Certificate Licensing   ✓[1]
Parallel Network Interface (PNI)    ✓
Intel Fortran 14 & 15 Support    ✓
Module Comparator Tool    ✓
Parameter Grid Pane    ✓
Layers Pane    ✓
Bird’s Eye View Navigation Pane    ✓
Component Licensing    ✓[2]
Intelligent Parallel Multiple-Run (PMR-I)  
Automation: Embedded Python Scripting With Recording  
Modified, Augmented Nodal Analysis (MANA) Algorithm  
kLDU Sparsity Algorithm for Large Systems  
MMC Model Library  
Single-Phase Induction Machine Model  
Parallel Multiple Run (PMR)  
Blackbox (c/w Electric Network Support)  
Z-Domain Controls Library  
1-Phase, Multi-Winding (5-12), Transformer Model  
3/5-Limb, Duality-Based Transformer Model  
IEEE Standard 421.5-2016 Exciter Models  
Binary EMTDC™ Output File (*.psout) Format  
Multi-Language Support in Sticky Notes (Unicode)  
Enhanced Resource File Handling  
Hysteresis Reactor Model  
Co-Simulation Interface  
Cluster Launch System (CLS)  
Tandem Lines: Sliding Faults  
Mixed Overhead and Underground Transmission Systems ROWs  
Transmission Segment Passivity Enforcement  
COMPLEX Signal Type  
Expanded Undo/Redo
PSCAD Initialization (seperate product, licensed separately)  

    [1] For the Professional Edition: PSCAD v4.5.3+. For the Educational Edition: v4.5.4+.

    [2] For v4.6.3+.