Version Comparison

Enerplot™ Versions and Features Comparison Chart

Features V1.0  V1.1
Automation: Embedded Python Scripting with Recording
PSCAD™ Plotting Tools
New Record Creation
Manual Data Modification
Navigation History Buttons
Multiple Workspaces
Certificate Licensing 
Multiple Workspaces
PSCAD™/EMTDC ASCII Output File Support (*.inf, *.out)
PSCAD™ Harmonic Frequency Scanner Output File Support
PSS®E File Support (*.out, *.outx, *.asc) – v33 and v34
COMTRADE File Support (*.cfg) – 1991, 1999 both ASCII and Binary
RTDS RSCAD® File Support (*.out)
Comma Separated Value File Support (*.csv)
PSCAD™/EMTDC Binary Output File Support (*.psout)
GE PSLF File Support (*.acf, *.chf)  
MHI dcLFL™ Analog Trigger File Support (*.ana)  
Speed and Memory Usage Optimization  
Comprehensive FFT Analysis Functionality  
Comprehensive Library of Record Wizard Math Functions  
Parameter Grid Pane  
Bird’s Eye View Navigation Pane  
Multi-Language Support in Sticky Notes (Unicode)
Default Settings Adjustment
Group Box Display Object
Enhanced Selection Tools
Re-Open Book
Workspace Move Book
Workspace Tree Multiple Select