Software Description - PSCAD

PSCAD (Power Systems Computer Aided Design) is a powerful and flexible graphical user interface to the world-renowned, EMTDC electromagnetic transient simulation engine. PSCAD enables the user to schematically construct a circuit, run a simulation, analyse the results, and manage the data in a completely integrated, graphical environment. Online plotting functions, controls and meters are also included, enabling the user to alter system parameters during a simulation run, and thereby view the effects while the simulation is in progress.

PSCAD comes complete with a library of preprogrammed and tested simulation models, ranging from simple passive elements and control functions, to more complex models, such as electric machines, full-on FACTS devices, transmission lines and cables. If a required model does not exist, PSCAD provides avenues for building custom models. For example, custom models may be constructed by piecing together existing models to form a module, or by constructing rudimentary models from scratch in a flexible design environment.

An Automation Library (AL) was developed in Python to interface with PSCAD. This library interface allows users to call PSCAD functions from a custom script. Python is installed alongside PSCAD as per Section 2.2.2. Scripting information is available on this webpage.

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