Software Compatibility Charts

This article contains information pertaining to compatibility of third party products with PSCAD.

The two attached "Detailed" documents provide compatibility information related to the following software and products:

  • PSCAD Version 5
  • PSCAD Version 4
  • Intel Fortran compiler
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Matlab
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Security locks
  • Licensing configurations
  • Pre-requisite software: Visual C++ Redistributables

The "Quick Start" document provides compatibility information when selecting your compiling software only.

These documents are updated as needed, for new releases and corrections.


These are not officially released documenst, and are only intended for our internal reference. We cannot guarantee them to be fully accurate. However, they are the product of much internal testing and customer feedback, and seem to be fairly accurate.

If you find any mistakes in this document, please send an email to