Updating a PSCAD Program File To Use Newer Versions of Intel Compiler

PSCAD requires the use of a Program File, fortran_compilers.xml, to be able to detect and use Intel® compilers.

When newer versions of the Intel compiler are released, the fortran_compilers.xml file for older versions of PSCAD must be updated in order to be able to detect and use these newer compiler versions.

The PSCAD Program File can be updated automatically or manually.

1. Automatic Update of the PSCAD Program File

  • Download and run the latest version of the Fortran Medic utility as per Steps (a) to (d) of this article.
    Note: At Step (c), ensure to select Yes to allow the Utility to be able to make changes to your machine.
  • When the Utility has finished gathering information about your system, scroll down to the PSCAD installation, right-click on the conflict (see example below), and select the option to update the PSCAD Program File:
    Fortran Medic error - Update PSCAD Program File - fortran_compilers.png (114 KB)

2. Manual Update of the PSCAD Program File

  • To obtain the fortran_compilers.xml file, either:
    - Request the most recent version of the file from our support desk (support@mhi.ca), or
    - Download and unzip the the attached file corresponding to your PSCAD version
      (this might not be the most recent version)

  • Use the new file to replace your current fortran_compilers.xml file in the following location:
    If using PSCAD X4: C:\Program Files (x86)\PSCAD46
    If using PSCAD V5: C:\Program Files (x86)\PSCAD50