FACE provides faster solutions for determining the overall corona and field effects of high voltage AC, DC, or AC/DC hybrid transmission lines, such as:

  • Corona loss;
  • Audible noise;
  • Radio interference;
  • Magnetic and static electric fields;
  • Ionized fields, ion charges, and ion currents.


FACE calculates the audible noises and corona losses using empirical formulas developed by industry standards. It computes radio interferences with the semi-analytical method, where generating functions available in the literature have been implemented as a user-selectable parameter. A frequency-domain model analysis technique is utilized to rigorously examine the effects of transmission line geometrics.

The charge-free fields are calculated by the methods of successive images. Ionized fields at and above ground plane for DC, as well as AC/DC hybrid cases, are computed by implementing an algorithm for non-linear two-point initial value problems.

FACE Brochure

Features and benefits

  • User-friendly and intuitive GUI;
  • Analyzes the fields and corona effects for AC, DC, and AC/DC hybrid transmission line;
  • Evaluates the lateral profiles of the field and corona effects in a user-selectable manner;
  • Calculates corona loss versus rain rates ranging from 0 to 20 mm/hr;
  • Higher-order successive image method for calculating conductor surface gradients;
  • Demonstrates ionized electric fields under Deutsch’s assumption;
  • Allows customizability with measuring height.



For more information and pricing, contact: facesales@mhi.ca