Cannot install the PSCAD Free Edition or GFortran via MyUpdater

If you have any issues with installing the PSCAD Free Editon or GFortran using MyUpdater, please consider the following solutions:

  • The installation might just take some time. For example, if the "Not Responding" message displays, please simply let the installation proceed in the background, and check on it later. It may take several minutes to install.
  • The following URLs must be added to all anti-virus/firewall whitelists:
  • If FTP is blocked on your network, here are some work-around solutions:
  • Configure MyUpdater to use HTTP, then retry the installation:

  • Perform this installation on your home machine.
  • If you are using a laptop, move the machine to a different network, e.g. home, and perform the installation there. You should then be able to run the software back at the original location.
  • Use the alternative Installer as per the attached instructions.

This alternative Installer is not designed, as is MyUpdater, to notify a user when an update to the software has been posted. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically perform this installation (every month or two), to ensure you have as recent a version as possible.