Setting up the Licensed Edition of PSCAD (when using Lock-based Licensing)

This article provides instructions for setting up PSCAD software and licensing for a permanent or leased license, and is applicable for both Professional and Educational Editions, for PSCAD X4 (v4.3 to v4.6).

The attached document “Setting up PSCAD (Quick Start) (Lock-Based Licensing)” is a quick reference guide to setting up the PSCAD software if you have lock-based licensing.

Or, for more detailed instructions, please refer to the attached document “Installing and Licensing PSCAD (lock-based licensing)”, and perform as follows:

a. Install PSCAD as per Section 2.3.

i. Also install GFortran if you do not have a commercial Fortran compiler (e.g. Intel Fortran Composer).
ii. A "silent",or "unattended" installation is available if installing on multiple machines. Please refer to Section 2.9 for this.

b. For PSCAD v4.6.3, Update 4 is available. See this article for information on improvements and setup.

c. If the license will be installed in on your own machine, and if the license database file is not already installed on your machine, install the license database file as per Section 3.1.1. Not required if you will be using a license that is hosted on a server.

d. If the license will be installed on your own machine, securely plug in the USB lock. Not required if you will be using a license that is hosted on a server.

e. Configure licensing as per Section 3.9.

f. Activate a license as per Section 3.3.1. The software should be licensed and ready to run.

g. For new users, this article lists resources for becomining familiar with PSCAD.