3. Configuring the License Manager

This article contains instructions for configuring the License Manager.

The License Manager is required for a lock-based license, but only if one or more conditions apply:

  • Your license is a Multi-User License, and has more than one PSCAD seat. The License Manager will allow you to run multiple instances of PSCAD; or
  • Your license is a Multi-User License, and will be shared with other client computers over the network. The License Manager will manage the sharing and networking; or
  • You are running PSCAD v4.2.1 (2007) without the 2020 Update: The License Manager is not required if you have installed the 2020 Update; or

  • You will be using a PSCAD V5 license to run certain earlier versions of PSCAD as specified in this article.

Please refer to the attached manual for License Manager configuration instructions.