Intel oneAPI

MHI has been notified by Intel® representatives that the Intel oneAPI Toolkits is the ‘next-generation’ Fortran compiler, succeeding the Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition. Refer to this Intel article for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the specific edition and toolkits for compiling PSCAD projects for Intel oneAPI?

    Intel oneAPI “Single-Node” edition, “Classic” version, with both of the following two toolkits:
    -Base Toolkit
    -HPC Toolkit

  2. When was Intel oneAPI first made available?

    December 8, 2020

  3. When did purchases for the Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition end?

    December 31, 2020

  4. Is Intel oneAPI supported with PSCAD?

    Preliminary testing has revealed that Intel oneAPI works* with both PSCAD v4.6.1 to v4.6.3, as well as recently released v5.0.0. Official support for oneAPI with PSCAD will be available in an upcoming version.

    *As long as your installed PSCAD files have been updated as per this article and Step 2 of this article.

  5. What version is  Intel oneAPI?

    Intel oneAPI is version 19.2 (2021), while the last version of parallel Studio XE Composer Edition remains at version 19.1 (2020).

  6. How can I configure PSCAD to detect and use Intel oneAPI?

    instructions for modifying your current PSCAD installation to be able to use the Intel oneAPI product are listed here.

  7. What versions of Intel Fortran compiler are supported with an Intel oneAPI license?

    Testing has shown that a license for Intel onelAPI 19.2 works with older versions all the way back down to v10.0.

  8. How can I obtain older versions of Intel?

    Please contact the MHI support desk ( for information.

  9. Are PSCAD models that were pre-compiled using older versions of Intel compatible to be run with Intel oneAPI?

    Typically, yes.
    One exception is if the model model contains any c-code: If so, then compatibility would be limited to more recent versions of Intel which support the use Visual Studio 2015+. Further information is available in this article.

  10. What Intel compiler product does MHI sell?

    MHI is a reseller for Intel oneAPI: "Single-Node" edition, "Single-named" license.
    Information on purchasing through MHI is listed in this article.

  11. Do I need to purchase an Intel license to run oneAPI (v19.2)?

    Intel oneAPI is free to use without a license.

  12. Do I need to purchase a license to run older versions of Intel (Intel 19.1 and older)?

    Yes, if you wish to run an older version of Intel (19.1-), and do not already have an Intel license, then you can purchase a license for Intel oneAPI, and this license can be used to run earlier versions of the Intel compiler.

  13. Does Intel oneAPI (v19.2), like older versions of Intel (v19.1-), still require the use of a second third-party software, Microsoft Visual Studio?

    Yes, like older versions of Intel, Intel oneAPI is also dependent on Microsoft(R) Visual Studio.
    Intel oneAPI is officially supported with Visual Studio 2017 and 2019.
    PSCAD v4.6.1 and newer is supported with Visual Studio 2017 and 2019, so long as the requirements listed in Step 4 above are met.

  14. Are there any setup tips and downloads for Intel oneAPI?

    Some setup tips are available in this article.