Sharing Licensing - Always Return the Certificate to the Server

When licenses will be shared with multiple users, every user should configure their software to always return the certificate to the server whenever the application is closed.

Otherwise, the certificate will be retained on the user's machine when the application is closed, and will not be available to the other users.

This configuration may be performed as follows, depending on your application.

1. Setting this up in the Application:

a. For PSCAD v4.6.3 and Older:

Always return cert v4.6.3.png (218 KB)

b. For PSCAD V5, Enerplot, FACE, PRSIM, and the PSCAD Initializer:

This would be configured similarly to the following:

 Cert return.jpg (37 KB)

2. Setting This Up in the User Profile File:

Once your MHI product is installed, it may be possible to create and run a script to set this configuration on multiple client machines. The following are some general steps for setting this up:

  • Log on to each machine.

  • For each user profile on that machine, display their user profile file in a text file (e.g. WordPad or Notepad). The user profile files are located as follows:

-For PSCAD Products:
C:\Users\[USERID]\AppData\Local\Manitoba HVDC Research Centre\PSCAD

-For non-PSCAD Products:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Manitoba Hydro International\Licensing\Settings

  • To set the product to always return the certicate to the server whenever the product is closed:

For PSCAD Products:

Locate and set the following parameter to 0 in the text file, as shown:

<param name="cl_exit_behaviour" value="0" />

For Non-PSCAD Products:

Locate and set the following parameter to Return in the text file, as shown:

<param name="ExitBehaviour" value="Return" />

  • Save and close the text file.

Note - The settings for this parameter are as follows:

    Behaviour             PSCAD Products    Non-PSCAD Products

    Return Certificate              0                        Return
    Prompt the User                1                        Prompt
    Retain Certificate               2                        Retain