Setting up a Training License

If you have been assigned a Training license, please refer as follows.

Quick Start Instructions

Refer to the attached document, "Quick Start - Setting up a Training License" to get set up and started quickly with PSCAD. Then proceed to the instructions below, "Testing your Setup", to ensure your machine is properly set up for the training session.

Detailed Instructions

Or, for more details, please refer to the attached document, "Certificate Licensing - WorkGroup Members", and set up your software as follows:

a. Download the attached instructional manual, Certificate Licensing – WorkGroup Members.

b. The system requirements for running this software are listed in Section 2.1.

c. If you do not already have a MyCentre user account, set one up as per Sections 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5.

d. If you were provided a Join Code by our Training Desk, use that code to attach the licensing to your MyCentre account per Section 2.6.

e. Download the software from the "Downloads" tab in your MyCentre account, and install PSCAD per Section 2.7.1.


1. If the download does not work, it may be blocked on your network; try downloading from a different location.

2. During the installation, when prompted to select the software to be installed, please only select PSCAD and GFortran 4.6.2 compiler.

f. Log off and log back on your machine to apply the changes.

g. Launch PSCAD per Section 2.8.1, and configure the licensing per Section 2.9.

h. Activate a certificate per Section 2.10. Your software will be licensed and ready to run.

i. Configure the licensing to “Retain certificate” as per Section 2.12. The certificate will remain activated on your computer, and therefore be available when you next launch PSCAD (until its expiry).

Testing your Setup

To ensure your setup is reading following the above instructions, please test your setup as follows:

a. Launch PSCAD.

b. Ensure that GFortran is selected:

c. Load the vdiv example:

d. Run the vdiv example:

e. A successful run will have no errors and the graph will be populated.

Becoming Familiar with PSCAD

A listing of resources to help you to become familiar with PSCAD are listed in this article.

If there are any issues with setting up your software or testing, please contact our Support Desk ( In your request, please ensure to specify which training session this is for, to expedite assistance.