PSCAD v4.2.1 - Updated Master Library

The most recent version of master library for v4.2.1 is attached. Please see the attached document for a listing of the changes for each update to the v4.2.1 Master Library.

1. Instructions

  • Open a Windows browser to your PSCAD v4.2.1 Program Files, and either delete or rename the "master.psl" file:

 v4.2.1 Master Library - Delete or Rename.png (175 KB)

  • Download the attached library, extract (unzip) the file, and save it to the above directory.

2. Determining Your Current Version of the Master Library

  • Browse to the library (see path in Step 1 above), right-click on "master.psl", and select the option to view this in Notepad:

    v4.2.1 Master Library - How to determine which version you have.png (70 KB)

  • The version will be listed in the top of the file, for example:

v4.2.1 - master.psc file.png (21 KB)