PSCAD v4.5.3 Hot Fix


If your Windows long path name to short filename conversion has been disabled, PSCAD builds may fail if there are any spaces in your project filepath or filename, or if your filename is longer than 8 characters. The following Build error will display:

‘C:\Program’ is not a valid internal or external command

To resolve this issue in v4.5.3, a hot fix was developed, which adds double quotes (") around all file paths used to invoke the compilation and running of PSCAD cases. This is the ONLY operational difference between the official Nov 21, 2013 release of PSCAD v4.5.3 and the April 4, 2014 re-build of PSCAD v4.5.3.


The preferred solution is to update your software to our latest version. Alternatively, please note the following other options:

  • If you must continue to use the older v4.5 branch, it is recommended to use the latest version in that branch, v4.5.5.

  • If you are using the Compaq compiler, the very latest version to still support this compiler is v4.5.5.

  • If you must continue to use v4.5.3, then please contact the support desk ( and request the v4.5.3 hot fix. Please ensure to include your license number in your request.

If you require any software downloads as a result of this issue, please contact the sales desk (, ensuring to include your license number in your request.