Time-Limiting Access to a WorkGroup

Time-limited access to a licensed workgroup can be provided to a user by programming this limitation in the join code, as follows:

  • Log in to MyCentre (https://mycentre.hvdc.ca/login)

  • Display the “Generate Code” dialog box for one of your two workgroups:

  • Click on “Advanced Options”:

  • Program your time-limited access. For example, a three-week membership period between December 3 to December 21 has been programmed by populating the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields accordingly:

  • Provide the following to the user:

    • The Join Code created in the previous step.

    • The setup instructions: Please see this article.

    • The software download: This should be available to the user after the user applies the Join Code, by logging in to MyCentre, and clicking on the Downloads tab.