Software Description - Enerplot

Enerplot is an automatable software tool used for displaying and analysing simulated and measured data, in an offline environment.

Supported files:

  • PSCAD files:
    • EMTDC output (*.inf, *infx, *.out)
    • PSCAD Harmonic Frequency Scanner Output File
  • COMTRADE files (*.cfg) – 1991, 1999 both ASCII and Binary
  • PSS®E (*.out, *.asc)
  • RSCAD (*.out)
  • Comma Separated Values (*.csv) – Formatted and Unformatted
  • Text files (*.txt) – Formatted and Unformatted

All file types, once loaded into Enerplot, can be converted to Comma Separated Value or COMTRADE formats.

Python Automation
Enerplot contains a Python 3 interpreter for the purpose of internal scripting. This interpreter is conveniently embedded in the software itself, but has a fixed unalterable set of site packages. Expanded scripting capabilities are available using an external Python interpreter. With an external interpreter, additional third-party modules may be installed. In addition, debugging tools may be used.

For more information on Enerplot, please see the following:


Enerplot Overview