Migrating Projects from Older Versions

The attached document provides information for migrating projects that were created in older versions of PSCAD (from v4.2.1, from v4.3, from v4.4 and from v4.5) into the latest PSCAD branch, 4.6.

Essentially, the automatic import functions are selected in v4.6, so that obsolete (or legacy) issues are automatically dealt with when importing an earlier case.


PSCAD v4.5.4 and v4.5.5 also support these automatic import functions.


Given the large amount of changes after v4.2.1, PSCAD users may encounter problems when compiling a project using v4.6 if that project was developed in v4.2, v4.3, v4.4 or v4.5. Changes include the addition of many new features and enhancements to existing features, many new models and enhancements to existing ones, and updates to master library models. One other change is the tightening up of the schematic compiler and removing ‘loopholes’ (conditions that are supposed to be illegal, but are not caught) when we find them. Sometimes users discover these loopholes on their own and use them to their benefit, only to encounter build errors when their software is updated.

Automatic import functions were incorporated in PSCAD to address many of the errors resulting from the above changes, by eliminating them during the import.