We are pleased to announce an update to the Automation Library with new features for PSCAD v4.6.3 users.

The Automation Library (AL) was developed in Python to interface with PSCAD and is available to all users of PSCAD at no additional cost.

This library interface allows users to call PSCAD functions from a custom script as follows:


A simple user-created Python script can provide full control over the PSCAD program and the projects themselves. Some features that may be scripted include:

- starting PSCAD
- loading workspaces, projects, and libraries
- running simulations
- batch running more than one simulation at a time
- changing workspace and project settings
- changing component parameters
- changing transmission line and cable parameters
- organizing output data
- generating simple reports
- and much more ….

Please visit our Knowledge Base for more detailed information.


-Windows operating system 64-bit (Vista SP1 or later) with an internet connection
-PSCAD version 4.6.1 or later

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