The Manitoba HVDC Research Centre is pleased to announce the launch of the PSCAD Q&A Forum!

Our Q&A (question and answer) style forum is composed of a list of posted questions, which may be answered by multiple persons. Each question can be tagged to be sorted in multiple topics, and users can vote for the best answer to each question. Answers with the most votes will float to the top of the answer list.

The new PSCAD Q&A Forum is located within the MyCentre web portal. MyCentre was recently launched in 2013, and provides participants with access to news, product announcements, software, training, videos, reference material and world class support. To access to the new forum please register a MyCentre account, if you do not have one already. Once registered, simply click the ‘PSCAD Q&A’ tab to get started.

We look forward to building a rich database of knowledge with the participation of experts from around the world.  See you in the new Q&A!