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From left to right: Randupama Gunasekara, Elena Borisova, Sheila Gwendo

In honour of Women’s Day, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the inspiring stories of the amazing women who work at MHI. The theme of this year’s Women’s Day is ‘I am Generation Equality’. Working in traditionally male-dominated roles, these women have established themselves in the energy industry.

Randupama Gunasekara — Power System Study Engineer:

I have always been passionate about mathematics and dreamed of being an electrical engineer since I was young. Even today, every aspect of the large and complicated system that provides electricity at an unbelievable level of reliability amazes me. It is motivating to know that the reliable solutions we provide have a huge impact on power systems and the growth of green energy. 

Elena Borisova — Simulation & Studies Engineer:

Historically, engineering has been a male-dominated profession; however, I have never considered gender to be a barrier to my success. I see the future for women in power systems as bright and promising. I always look for opportunities to be involved in new projects at MHI and offer my expertise in the development of new market opportunities.

Sheila Gwendo — Account Specialist:

Having worked in the telecommunications industry for the last couple of years, I’ve come to enjoy how complex and dynamic the industry is. Holding positions of influence in both business and technical roles, I see positive growth in the number of women in the telecom industry.