FACE is a computation program designed for utilities, consultants, researchers, academia and other clients to assess audible and electromagnetic environmental impacts of transmission lines before undertaking large projects.

Corona and field performance is an important consideration in the design and operation of high voltage transmission lines. FACE, developed by Manitoba Hydro International Ltd., provides faster solutions for determining the overall corona and field effects under a transmission line right of way.

FACE calculates the audible noises and corona losses using empirical formulas developed by industry standards. It computes radio interferences by the semi-analytical method, where generating functions have been implemented as a user-selectable parameter.

Features and benefits

• Analyzes the fields and corona effects for AC, DC, and AC/DC hybrid transmission lines
• Calculates corona loss versus rain rates
• Higher-order successive image method for calculating conductor surface gradients
• Evaluates the lateral profiles of the field and corona effects in a user-selectable manner
• User friendly and intuitive GUI
• Efficient method for computing ionized electric fields, ion charge densities, and ion current densities for DC and AC/DC hybrid lines
• Customizable with the measuring height

Video overview

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