2024 European TSO Workshop - Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

We hope you can join us at the 2024 PSCAD European TSO Workshop in Scotland!

Electromagnetic Transient Simulations are essential for planning power systems with high penetration of Inverter-Based Resources. This workshop is a key gathering for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from across the UK and Europe and focuses on the advancements in PSCAD that support the complex requirements of TSOs in large-scale system modelling.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into Large Scale Networks;
  • Enhancing the Operation of EMT System Studies;
  • Showcasing PSCAD's Latest Capabilities;
  • Solving Real-World Problems in Transmission Systems;
  • Current Applications and Future Plans of EMT Modelling;
  • Technical Presentations from Industry Experts.

The workshop will feature presentations from PSCAD experts, offering insights into the tool's latest capabilities and applications. TSO delegates will have the opportunity to share their experiences with EMT modelling, and discuss both current uses and future plans. Additionally, industry experts from equipment vendors and developers will present their technical expertise, highlighting diverse EMT modelling applications and common challenges across different jurisdictions.

By facilitating discussions on system needs and the future of large-scale modelling, this workshop aims to equip participants with insights to improve their EMT modelling practices. The goal is to create a collaborative forum for TSOs to explore solutions to enhance grid reliability and efficiency, drawing on shared experiences and innovative approaches.


Dates: September 10 & 11, 2024
Location: Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, Scotland
Important details: Daily coffee/tea, snacks, and lunch provided

Networking Dinner:

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime networking dinner and museum tour at the breathtaking Edinburgh Castle on September 10th! Don't miss out on this extraordinary event.  Space is limited so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

If you have questions or if you are interested in giving a user presentation, please contact training@pscad.com.

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See you there!

Please Note: This is an invite-only event. Registrations will be reviewed and are subject to approval.

Ticket price: $155.55 CAD