Setting up PSCAD and Certificate Licensing

In this setup, the PSCAD software and compiler will be set up on your machine, and certificate licensing, which is hosted on MHI servers, will be activated.

What You Will Need

  • The PSCAD software:

    For a licensed edition of PSCAD (Professional or Educational), the download is normally obtained through the user's MyCentre user account.
    If not, please send an email from your facility's domain to the MHI Sales Desk to request that the download be added to your account.

    For the PSCAD Free Edition, please refer to this article for further setup information.

  • Third-party Fortran compiling software:

    Compiling software is required, for building your PSCAD projects before they can be run.
    Two free GFortran compilers come bundled with the PSCAD installer, and separately, as per this article.
    Or, you can use an Intel compiler/Microsoft Visual Studio combination to build your projects.
    Further details are available from this article.
  • System requirements:

    The PSCAD client machine must meet the system requirements for installing and running PSCAD, and for using certificate licensing. Please refer to Charts 1, 2, 3, 4.1 of the posted document.
    Please also refer to this article for configuring your machine with required settings and permissions for using certificate licensing.


  • Install and license your software as per the Quick Start document posted to this article.

  • Test your compiler setup as per this article.

If you have any setup questions, please contact