How to Configure to Renew/Not Renew

MHI products (PSCAD, PRSIM, Enerplot, Initializer, FACE...) can be configured to either renew or not renew certificate licensing automatically when launched:

  • If set to renew, your product will automatically renew your 28-day license checkout period whenever you launch it.
  • If set to not renew, whenever you launch your product, the 28-day checkout period will be allowed to count down.


1. Your product must be configured to "retain" the license upon exit to use this feature.

2. It is not recommended to retain the license upon exit if you are sharing licensing with multiple users.

Some considerations on this setting are as follows:

  • Automatic renewal would be useful to ensure that your 28-day license checkout period does not count down to 0.

  • Not allowing renewals would be useful to reduce time during the launching of your product, since the product would not have to connect with our license server.
    However, whenever your 28-day checkout period is close to expiring (or has expired), you would need to renew/reactivate licensing.

The renewal toggle for PSCAD V5 is as shown:

PSCAD V5 - Cert Licensing - Renew,NotRenew.png (128 KB)