How to Find the PRSIM Network Equivalent Result Files

This article provides the location of network equivalent files.

PRSIM can be configured to include network equivalent files during a conversion (see image below):

PRSIM - Neteq results.png (357 KB)

If so, the results of the conversion will be logged, with the location depending on whether the conversion was successful:

  • For a Successful Conversion:
    PRSIM will create a new folder, [projectname].neteq, and save the results into this new folder.
    This new folder will reside in the same folder as your PRSIM project.

  • For a Failed Conversion:
    PRSIM will create new folders as shown below, and save the conversion results messages in it:
    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Manitoba Hydro International\PRSIM\FileNETEQ

The logged results will always be for the most recently performed NETEQ run. Previous runs will be overwritten.

For further resources, refer to this article.