PRSIM V1 Runtime Library

The PRSIM Runtime library is included with PRSIM and may be needed to run converted projects. The complete Runtime library is a PRSIM library project file .pslx and the precompiled code .lib or .obj files.

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This article discusses the need for including a PRSIM Runtime library with your converted project. The following may apply to you:

1)   You received converted project and no additional files

2)   The project cannot run because of errors such as missing components or functions not found

If this is the case then the project is likely using interface components from the PRSIM library. You can download them at the end of this article.

What is PRSIM

PRSIM imports power system data from standard network database formats, such as PSS/E and DigSilent PowerFactory and converts them into a PSCAD project.

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PRSIM Library

In the conversion process there are instances where a direct conversion to a corresponding PSCAD Master library component is not possible. In these situations, PRSIM has an Interface or Runtime library of components that have been created to help facilitate a smooth conversion process.

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When you run the PRSIM conversion, there is an option to embed the components from the PRSIM library into your PSCAD converted project.

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If you disable this option, then you will have to deliver the Runtime library with your PSCAD project when you share the project. If you enable this option, then you do not need to include the entire Runtime library but you must still supply the precompiled code. This allows the project to be easily portable and shared with others by simply moving the one project file and the precompiled code.

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Pre-compiled code

All components in the PRSIM library have associated .lib files which are the pre-compiled source code for those components. These .lib files must be included with your project when you are using any component from the PRSIM library. This holds true even if the components are embedded in your project.

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Below are downloads for the PRSIM v1.0 and v1.1 Runtime libraries, for PSCAD 4.6 and V5.

Further resources for using PRSIM are available in this article.