Description - MyCentre

MyCentre is a software and information management portal that hosts MHI products, including software downloads and certificate licensing

The MHI products belonging to each customer organization are grouped in MyCentre, into one or more “workgroups”. Authorized members of an organization may obtain access to their workgroup by each creating a user account, and having their account linked to the workgroup. Users may then simply enter their MyCentre login credentials to obtain access to the products.

Access to an organization’s workgroups is managed by the organization, by designated members of the workgroup with “workgroup administrator ” privileges.

User Account

A user account is required to be able to obtain access to MyCentre and any authorized products.

Upon registration, permanent licensing for running the PSCAD Free Edition will automatically be assigned.

If authorized, a user account may be linked to a workgroup containing an organization’s software downloads and certificate licensing.


Workgroups are virtual containers in MyCentre for grouping products, including software downloads and certificate licensing.

One workgroup containing permanent licensing for the PSCAD Free Edition is automatically assigned to each user account. Additional workgroups containing products that are owned by organizations are linked to authorized user accounts by “workgroup administrators”.

Workgroup Administrator

Each workgroup owned by an organization is normally managed by one or more workgroup administrators. The workgroup administrator is a designated member of the organization who manages access to the workgroup and can also assign workgroup administrator privileges.

For quick-start and detailed instructions on managing a workgroup, please refer to this article.