Licensing Description - Enerplot

Certificate licensing, also known as Advanced Licensing or Internet Licensing, is used for running Enerplot. Login credentials in an Internet-based user portal called MyCentre are used to authorize licensing, and a certificate to run Enerplot is checked out onto the computer.

Once a certificate is activated, it may be used to run multiple instances of Enerplot on that machine, the number of instances being limited only by the machine’s memory size.

When a certificate is checked out, it may either be retained on that computer when Enerplot is exited, or returned to MyCentre so that another user may check it out. If the certificate is retained, it will initially be valid for a four-week period; this period will then be refreshed to a new four-week period whenever Enerplot is re-launched with Internet access. The benefit to retaining a certificate on a machine is that Enerplot may be run for up to four weeks without requiring Internet access, making it portable.

If the certificate is returned, it is available to be activated to the same or different authorized user.

The license for the certificate is held within MyCentre in a special grouping called a “workgroup”. A workgroup contains products, such as certificate licensing, and authorized users, who are called “members”.

When licensing will be shared among many users within one workgroup, access to a workgroup may be controlled by a designated person (or people) within the organization. The designated person is referred to as the “WorkGroup Administrator”, “Local Administrator” or simply “Administrator”. In addition to adding and removing member access to the workgroup, the workgroup administrator may also designate other members as additional administrators. For further details on managing a workgroup please refer to this article.