Determining your Enerplot License Number and Version

This article provides instructions for determining your Enerplot license number and version.


A valid Enerplot license number and version are required to obtain support from our Support Desk (

A valid Enerplot license number and version are also required to receive software updates from our Sales Desk (


If you do not know your license number, please perform one of the following three options below, and provide the generated screenshot showing your license number:

Option 1:

  • Launch Enerplot, and ensure it is currently licensed.

  • Select Licensing | View current license:

  • The certificate number (ID) and WorkGroup name will be displayed:

  • Take a screenshot of the License Certificate dialog (press the <Alt> and <Print Screen> buttons simultaneously), and send the screenshot to us at

Option 2:

  • Launch Enerplot and activate a certificate:

  • Display the “About Enerplot” dialog box shown:

  • When the licensing dialog box displays, take a screenshot (press the <Alt> and <Print Screen> buttons simultaneously), and send the screenshot to us at

Option 3:

  • Select the appropriate workgroup from the drop-down menu.  Your workgroup will have been assigned a name or number, as provided by the workgroup administrator.

  • The total number of licenses and the number of licenses currently checked out will be listed. To view more information about these licenses, select "See More".

  • All licenses will be displayed in table format, with the following information:

  1. This column displays the license's unique identification number.

  2. This toggle sorts the license identification numbers in ascending or descending order.

  3. This column displays some discription about the organization and type of license.

  4. This column displays the license expiration date. In the above example, the license is permanent, and therefore there is no expiration date shown. If this license were temporary, for example a trial or a lease, an expiration date would be shown.

  5. This column displays the product type. In the above example, Enerplot is available.

  6. This column displays whether any additional features were included with the product.

  7. If a certificate is currently checked out, this column will list the member's name or username. This information helps the workgroup administrator to manage licenses and members as needed.

  8. If the license is currently checked out as a certificate to one of the members, this column displays with a certificate checkout expiry.