Enerplot Quick Overview

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Enerplot can import the following types of files:

    Enerplot v1.1.0 - File Types.png (61 KB)

  • Here is a quick overview of how to import a file into Enerplot and view the output:

    • Open a new workspace (from the Enerplot Start menu, select New | New Workspace):

    • Save your new workspace (right-click on "Untitled," select "Save As," and save the workspace as prompted):

    • Load data from a file into Enerplot (right-click on "Data," select Load Dataset from File," then browse to the file when prompted):

    • For example, a file was loaded from running the case "simpleac," which comes with PSCAD software. This file is listed below "Data" in the following view:

    • Expand the data in the Workspace tree to display the desired data:

    • Display the desired data in the canvas:

a. Select (highlight) the desired data (can select more than one):

b. Press and hold the Control key, then, using the left mouse button, drag and drop the file onto the canvas:

  • The file and data may then be manipulated through pop-up menus (right-click to display the menus, for example, right-click on the graphs, on the canvas, and on the items listed in the Workspace).