Setting up a Trial - PSCAD (Unreleased)

If you have been issued a trial of PSCAD Unreleased edition (e.g. Beta), the software may be set up as follows:

Unreleased editions should not be used for commercial work, as they are not stable, official versions. Unreleased editions are used for testing new features and bug fixes, and are frequently modified. For more information, please refer to our End User License Agreement.

a. Ensure the system requirements are met (posted in this article).

b. Download the attached setup document.

c. If you do not already have a MyCentre user account, register one as per Step 4.a.

d. If you were provided a join code to link the licensing to your MyCentre account, apply the join code as per Step 4.c.

e. If not already installed, install MyUpdater as per this article.

f. Install the PSCAD product and GFortran 4.6.2 using MyUpdater as per this article.


Some corporate networks block MyUpdater activities. If you encounter any MyUpdater login or installation issues, try performing this installation on a different network (e.g. at home). Or, notify our Support Desk ( for assistance.

g. Launch the PSCAD product in MyUpdater, then activate licensing as per Steps 7.b to 7.d of the attached document. Your software should be licensed and ready to run.


Resources for using this software are available in this article.

Notes about V5

1.    Compatibility with Earlier Versions

Projects saved in PSCAD V5 are not directly backwards compatible with v4.6, as the project files (*.pscx and *.pslx) are in a slightly different format. You must first save your V5 project to v4.6 format (select “Save As... v4.6” in PSCAD V5).

Furthermore, there are new features and concepts in V5 that do not exist in v4.6, such as the Jumbo size canvas and complex signals (there are more). Once you use such a feature in V5, your project can no longer be migrated back to v4.6.

2.    Using the Blackbox Feature

The blackbox component produced by V5 is compatible only with the latest v4.6 patch: v4.6.3. It can potentially be used with v4.6.2 or lesser, but manual changes to the script must be performed first. See below.

To avoid problems, please follow these steps once you have set up the V5 trial:

1. In PSCAD v4.6, create a brand new case project.

2. Copy Transfer the module component(s), which you intend to blackbox, and Paste Transfer into the new case project.

3. Load the new case project (containing your module component(s)) into V5.

4. In V5, set your desired blackboxing parameters in the Application Options | Blackboxing dialog (i.e. compiler, etc.).

5. Blackbox the top module and place the new component instance on the schematic (make sure there are no build errors).

6. Save the project as v4.6:  Click the PSCAD tab in the ribbon, select Save -> Save Project as Previous Version (v4.6).

7. Load the project into v4.6.

8. Test it out by replacing the original module in the original project with the blackboxed component. Make sure you link any related files to the project.