Troubleshooting installations performed using the Installer utility

This article lists solutions if any issues are encountered when using the MHI Installer Utility.

If intallation fails:

  • Use the MHI Fortran Medic utility to configure your machine to allow the installation, and
  • Display the applicable requirements document from this page, then ensure requirements for "Installation - General" and "Installation - Installer" have been met, then
  • Retry the installation.
  • If the issue persists, please refer to the solutions listed in the attached manual, or
  • Obtain assistance from the MHI support desk, as per the instructions below.

Obtaining Assistance From The MHI Support Desk

Please send the following to the MHI support desk (

1. A description of the issue

2. Screenshots of any error messages

3. Your PSCAD license number

4. Your Fortran Medic log file as specified in this article.

5. The Installer log file as per Appendix A of the attached document.