Setting up older Compilers (Compaq and Visual C++6.0) on Windows 7 or Windows 10

Installing the Compaq Compiler

Some customers have reported difficulties installing Compaq on Windows 7 and 10. The installer fails for some random reason.

We suspect the failure may be related to a Windows service pack or update, and this suspicion is shared with other users, as shown in Google searches.

One solution that has worked for some customers is to install Compaq in “XP compatibility mode”, but we have not tested this.

For Windows 10, see below for a link to some threads related to Compaq installation problems.

Note: Compaq compiler is only compatible with PSCAD v4.5.5 and older (and not for newer versions of PSCAD).

The following instructions for installing Compaq on Windows 10 were copied from the following link:

(1) Open the CD with explorer (2) Go to folder x86

(2) Set file mode of (x86/setup.exe) to run in Compatibility Mode with XP

(3) execute the setup.exe; located inside folder :: x86/setup.exe

(4) Located the file MSDev98\Bin\DFDEV.EXE Set the File Mode to run in Compatibility Mode with XP

(5) You can apply all updates as usual.

(6) If it fails to run, make sure that the compatibility mode DFDEV.EXE is set to Compatibility Mode with XP


Installing the Visual Studio C++ 6.0 Compiler

(1) Run the setup.exe ( first set the file setup.exe to run in Compatibility Mode with XP )

(2) Execute setup.exe

(3) Select Custom

(4) Locate Data Access , click it and unselect ADO,RDS and OLE DB

(5) continue and your program will install smoothly