Description - GFortran Compiler

A FORTRAN compiler is required for building PSCAD projects. Free GFortran compilers are made available for all editions of PSCAD.

    GFortran v4.2.1: Compatible with PSCAD v4.3 to v4.6 (Professional / Educational / Free)
    GFortran v4.6.2: Compatible with PSCAD v4.6 (Professional / Educational / Free / Beta)
    GFortran v8.1: compatible with PSCAD V5 (Professional / Educational / Free / Beta)

Please note that a commercially available compiler (Intel(R)) is also compatible with PSCAD, and is recommended for larger and more complex projects. For information on selecting an appropriate compiler, please refer to information in this link.

For more information on compiler compatibility, please refer to information in this link.