Description - MyUpdater

MyUpdater, also known as the Update Client, is deployment software that is installed and used for installing. launching, updating, and removing unreleased editions of MHI products, which include:

  • PSCAD Beta and Free edition
  • FACE Beta
  • Enerplot Beta
  • PRSIM Beta
  • PSCAD Initializer Beta

Note - MyUpdater may also be used to install released editions of MHI products if user is authorized.

MyUpdater is also used for deploying third-party Fortran compiling software that can be used with PSCAD, including:

  • GFortran 4.2 (supported with PSCAD X4 v4.3 to v4.6)
  • GFortran 4.6 (supported with PSCAD v4.6 and v5.0)
  • GFortran 8.1 (supported with PSCAD v5.0)