Configuring PSCAD X4 to use Certificate Licensing

This article specifies three different methods for setting the PSCAD licensing configuration to use Certificate Licensing.

The PSCAD X4 Professional and Educational editions come with two licensing configurations, lock-based and certificate.  Before certificate licensing can be activated, PSCAD must be properly configured.

Method 1 - During the Installation

For more recent versions of PSCAD X4, certificate licensing may be configured during the installation:

Select Certificate Licensing.jpg (10 KB)

Method 2 - Post-Installation, Within the PSCAD Application

If PSCAD is already installed, the configuration may be set within the PSCAD application:

Certificate Licensing Behaviour.jpg (29 KB)

For earlier versions of PSCAD, the term “Advanced Licensing” is listed, instead of “Certificate Licensing”.

Method 3 - Post-Installation, for Multiple Machines

If PSCAD is already installed, it may be possible to create and run a script to set this configuration on multiple client machines. The following are some general steps for setting this up:

  • Log on to each machine.

  • For all user profiles on that machine:

    1. Load the user profile file. For example, for PSCAD v4.6.3, this file is expected to be located here:

      C:\Users\USERID\AppData\Local\Manitoba HVDC Research Centre\PSCAD\user_profile_46.xml

    2. If the following key exists, "cl_use_advanced", this key should be set to "true". For example:

      <param name="cl_use_advanced" value="true"/>

For lock-based licensing, this key is set to "false".