Description - Lock-based Licensing

Comparison of SUL License vs MUL License

The PSCAD software can be installed on any number of computers.

The SUL license is a single user workstation license.  The hardware key/dongle is plugged into the individual computer and only one person on that computer can access the PSCAD license.  The dongle, however, can be moved from computer to computer. 

The  MUL license is a multi-user network (concurrent) license where the dongle is plugged into your network server and the license can be accessed by any one user on your network (limited by the number of seats you purchase for this license).  For example, if you purchase a 2-seat MUL license, any two people on your network can access a PSCAD license at any given time.

For a more detailed description of lock-based licensing, see the attached document.